Pure Nature Music Discography

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A list of CDs produced by Pure Nature Music

Chirgilchin Aryskan's Wind (CD, Album) PNM-001 1999

Oktay Old Believers Songs PNM-002

Sabjilar Syr Chöme (CD) PNM-003 1999

Aiaiym My Altay PNM-004 1999

Boris Bazurov Marco Polo 2002

Sabjilar Saddle Creak (Not PNM?) 2002

Chirgilchin Ezir-Kara 2002

Ai-Churek Ak-Oruk, Chuguruk Kezhik (CD) PNM-005 2003

Pure Nature Music Pure Nature Music Compilation (CD)

Pure Nature Music Pure Nature Music Compilation 2 (CD)

Tarbagan.com Compilation CD 1

Tarbagan.com Compilation CD 2

Tarbagan.com Compilation CD 3

Tarbagan.com Compilation CD 4

Tarbagan.com Compilation CD 5

Tarbagan.com Compilation CD 6

Chirgilchin Collectible (CD) PNM-007 2005

Sabjilar, Chirgilchin, Sarymai Central Asian Tales PNM-008 2005

Chirgilchin Will Teach (CD) PNM-009 2006

Chirgilchin Pictures Of Tuva (CD) PNM-010 2008

Chirgilchin Kaldak-Khamar (CD) PNM-011 2009

Ordo Sakhna The Best Of Ordo (CD, Comp) PNM-012 2010


Lian and Chirgilchin Ensembles The Window (CD) Lian 119 2010