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Can anyone please post a translation of the song in English or Russian? Thanks in advance.

The song by Sainkho has three verses and slightly different lyrics, I'll try if I can figure it out, but it may take some time.Umay 17:15, 18 January 2011 (UTC)

Ka[g]ar deerge xaraadančïg,

Kattïraŋnaan karaa ?ergim.

Kattïraŋnaan ?ergim karaan

?Xarïma-- ka[g]ar arga bolza.

Uttur deerge uttundurbas,

Udumzuraan karaa ?ergim.

Udumzuraan ?ulug-- karaan

?Uttur-- arga bolza.

?Čarï-- deerge xaraadančïg,

?Šolbannangan ?xaraa ?ergim.

?Šolbannangan ?ergim karaan

?Čarï-- arga bolza.

Thank you so much, Umay! I really need all these lyrics because I am writing a thesis on Tuvan throat singing. Can't express my gratitude... Четтирдим! Rouslana, Bulgaria. :)