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Мээң адым Роберт Маршаль Мырфи.
Mееŋ adïm Robert Marshal' Mïrfi.
My name is Robert Marshall Murphy.

Please feel free to email me at mrandmrsmurphy @t gmail d0t com! I doesn't speak Tuvan, but I want to learn. I practice Хөөмей, but since I'm a tenor normally, my сыгыт is much better than my каргыраа. I taught myself after seeing Genghis Blues. I'm a big advocate of people just getting used to Cyrillic, as you can see. I'm a Apple geek, work in healthcare, love Linguistics (Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Chinese, Latin) and want to help Tuva and TyvaWiki! I'm determined to learn as much as I can and to contribute.

I have started a wiki called Reformed Word. I use the handle Aquatiki on Wikipedia, Meta, TyvaWiki, Theopedia, Wikible and most other places.

I am pretty repugnated by Wikipedia's NPOV but I maintain an enormous set of userboxes on their server, as well as a list of my travels.